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AA Jia

Symbolic of the restaurant’s name sake, ‘Jia’ means ‘Home’ thus we created a space that represented the notion of coming home for a warm meal.

An abstract interpretation of a Japanese village form the essence of the restaurant’s form and materiality. From the timber silhouette of a traditional hut that outlines both entrances to the traditional matte grey roof tiles, sakura trees and floating clouds.

Due to the unique curving nature of the site and to have two massive 2m x 2m structural beams pierce through the entire restaurant, rope was used to mask these structural imperfections and turn them into a key feature of our ‘Rope Village’ concept. A multilayered screen of ropes, line the curved site boundaries separating the restaurant patrons from curious passer-bys.


Location 地点 : The Place, Changning District, Shanghai

Net Area 室内面积 : 500sqm

Completed 施工期 : Mar – May 2014

Team 项目团队 : Edward Tan, Kuma Ni

Photographer 摄影 : Raymond Tang




Hospitality, Interior